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The Challenge

The Challenge aims at discovering innovative OTT Platform applications, and expanding the range of the broad IPTV ecosystem including e-health, ICT accessibility and all areas to improve social welfare.

The Solution

Jhanjar TV Canada is the fastest growing service around. With so many extra incentives and upgrades, it combines the best features of Streaming Services to provide an enjoyable viewing experience. We offer fast loading, high quality streams that do not require a fast internet speed. We also have outstanding customer service, fast responses, and immediate activations. Get better quality and more for your money.


What is Jhanjar TV Canada OTT?

Jhanjar Tv Network has been broadcasting channels in Punjabi and Hindi languages world wide since 2010. Jhanjar TV network broadcasts channels from Canada. Jhanjar TV owns a Studio in Canada Toronto, Punjab India, and Mumbai India. Jhanjar Tv has its own TV Channel and also carries different channels from other broadcasters too. Jhanjar TV represents the programs of south Asian peoples worldwide and in India. The programming comes with news, Bollywood, interviews, current events, live shows, talk shows, NRI News and much more. Jhanjar TV is available on android phones, Smart TVs, Web, iOS devices, Android TV Box and mag Box World wide.

How to pay for Jhanjar TV Canada OTT ?

Pay to Jhanjar Tv Canada very simple 

  1. Choose your plan 
  2. Click on Order 
  3. Fill details and click on continue 
  4. On the next page , Fill your personal details  
  5. Choose your payment method 
  6. Online transaction by Credit Or Debit card , Paypal basic , razor pay and mail payment .

How to download the Jhanjar TV Canada OTT app?

Jhanjar Tv Canada app available on Android (Phone, Tablet, Android Smart TV) ,On Window (Pc or Laptop), On Web App (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox), On iOS (iphone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV)

-just simply search there or click on below link


Plans and Pricing

 In the Silver Package you can watch live channels/shows and some series with $ 6/-USD for one month , with $ 30/-USD for six month and for 1 year at $60/-USD. While, In the bronze package you can watch Hindi/Punjabi/English movies as well as series , Jhanjar originals, Channels and radio channels 

Billing and Payments

 Billing And Payment is simple 

  1. Just your favourable package 
  2. Click on order 
  3. Payment method online by Paypal, Razor pay and UPI 
  4. You can pay by Credit Or Debit Card


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How to change your Jhanjar TV Canada password

If you want to change password or forget password then 

  1. Click on forget password 
  2. Fill your registered email 
  3. In your email you got a link to reset password 
  4. There you can reset the password

Can't find the Jhanjar TV Canada app in app stores

-If you can’t find Jhanjar TV Canada app in app stores then 

1.Just go to https://jhanjartvasia.com 

  1. Click on Download option 
  2. There you find app link

Jhanjar TV Canada says 'This app is not compatible with your device.

If the application says that, check the resolution of your device.